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In my forties, I took my first class in the art world; learning pottery and falling in love with the creative process.  It started me on a journey that I had never expected. Eventually, I left the corporate world to pursue my passion for creating pottery and participating in craft shows around the country.
In 1995, with my pottery instructor and friend, I opened Camerton Cottage, a fine Art and Craft Gallery, in Atlanta, Georgia. It was an education into the craft world and increased my knowledge of all types of mediums.  It was this knowledge that led me to become the Art coordinator of the Atlanta Dogwood Festival. After years in the gallery, I missed the time to follow my own passion for creating, and I signed up for a class in silver smithing.  Once again, my path diverged…I am now a full-time metalsmith, mostly self-taught.  I participate in over 30 shows a year and have exhibited in shows from Sun Valley, ID to New York City, NY.
I hand forge all my own pieces without the help of studio assistants or casts.  I like using surface texture and setting stones.  I also love the use of different metals and often mix them in my designs. I continue to learn new techniques and enjoy the freedom to constantly create new work for my shows and to develop a following of loyal customers.


TEL: 678-575-6130